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“No Ordinary” Autographed Book Bundle (4), Patch & Photo
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So You Want To Be An Astronaut

Clayton C. Anderson (Author)
Iris Amaya (Illustrator)

Letters From Space

Clayton C. Anderson (Author)
Susan Batori (Illustrator)

The Ordinary Spaceman

Clayton C. Anderson (Author)
Nevada Barr (Foreword)

A is for Astronaut

Clayton C. Anderson (Author)
Scott Brundage (Illustrator)

It’s a Question of Space

Clayton C. Anderson (Author)

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Limited Edition AstroClay Space Patch

The station and red swoosh (of course it’s red! #GBR) represent the “A” and “C” of Astro Clay and my time aboard ISS. The Sower, found on the top of Nebraska’s State Capitol building in Lincoln, signifies me being the first —and currently only— astronaut from Nebraska. As the Sower (think Johnny Appleseed) throws seeds to enhance growth on earth, mine throws stars to promote growth in space, with the stars ending at the peak of the astronaut symbol I am so proud and honored to wear! Many thanks to Nate Moeller and Tim Gagnon for “bringing it to life!”


Book Clay to Speak

I am a firm believer in our nation’s education system and a HUGE advocate for educators everywhere, I trust you’ll enjoy your journey on the Starship known as Astro Clay! Buckle up…it’s one heckuva ride!

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