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“How many times have you looked toward the heavens, wondering what it would be like to journey and live amongst the stars and planets? I did it all the time as a young boy, and in writing The Ordinary Spaceman, you may punch your ticket to find out exactly what it was like for me. Pulling no punches, I want you to know and understand the highs and the lows of my astronaut life; giving you true insight into my version of what having the right stuff is all about.”

– Astronaut Clayton C. Anderson

The Ordinary Spaceman: From Boyhood Dreams to Astronaut

Astronaut Clayton C. Anderson
Available in English & Chinese
The Ordinary Spaceman puts you in the flight suit of U.S. astronaut Clayton C. Anderson and takes you on the journey of this small-town boy from Nebraska who spent 167 days living and working on the International Space Station, including more than forty hours of space walks. With a mix of levity and gravitas, Anderson gives an authentic view of the highs and the lows, the triumphs and the tragedies of life as a NASA astronaut.

The Ordinary Spaceman (Book by Astronaut Clayton Anderson)
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