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1.     “The Dream of a Lifetime”

Hop into the flight suit pocket of US Astronaut, Clayton Anderson, and learn about the journey of this small-town Nebraska boy who spent 167 days living and working in space.  Anderson, who was “kicked to the curb” by NASA 14 times before his ultimate selection, went on to become a veteran spacewalker ranked 28th on the world’s list, with nearly 40 hours working in the vacuum of space over 6 spacewalks,

Anderson’s story of humility, perseverance and hard work gives a unique personal perspective into his life and an openly human look at what it takes to be a successful “steely-eyed astronaut”.  Entertaining and informative, Anderson will challenge attendees to examine how they may apply the same concepts to their everyday work and personal lives.

2.     “Never a Commander, Always a Leader”

A two-time Shuttle and ISS Astronaut, logging over 167 days living and working in outer space, Anderson was never allowed the coveted slot of Mission Commander.  Undaunted by this apparent management oversight, Anderson’s career reflects consistent leadership in all facets of his NASA career.  Through the process of pursuing his lifelong dream of preparing to live and work in space, fertile ground is provided for developing and enhancing one’s personal management and leadership style.  Through his unique on-orbit perspective, Anderson offers three simple leadership tenets that could prove helpful to you and your organization as you tackle your future successes!

3.     For the Beauty of the Earth

Spending 152 days floating above our beautiful planet changes one’s “orbital” perspective of the spaceship we call Earth.  Through photos taken during his expedition to the International Space Station (ISS), Anderson provides an entertaining and reflective discussion of life onboard the United States’ most complex technical achievement.  Beginning by involving the audience in a “pseudo” game of Jeopardy and the category of “US and World Geography for $5000,” the presentation focuses on how this life changing experience led to a strengthening of his personal faith.

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