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  1. Bob Gaffney says:

    Hi, Clay. I hope you and your family enjoyed the holidays. Best wishes for continued success in the New Year.

    After reading so many interesting questions about life in space and aboard the ISS and your answers on FB, a question finally occurred to me that you might be willing to answer. My question is prompted by the Quantrantid (sp?) meteor display due to be visible from earth tonight. What is the visibility in space considering you would be above a meteor entering earth’s atmosphere and you’re traveling 17K mph+? Would you actually see much or would the meteor look like a spark before it disappeared from view? On earth, as you know, we frequently see a trail when a meteor passes overhead. How different is the experience in space? Has anyone managed to capture meteor images during a mission?

    Man, the questions just keep coming, don’t they?

    Looking forward to monitoring your career from my easy chair.

    Thanks for keeping communications open for everyone interested and for the future astronauts and engineers in the younger generation.

    Your friend,